Friday, 3 September 2010

Time to wrap up.

I fixed my shed roof last week and it was a very timely repair. The rains that have followed since would be a nightmare to remedy during the colder, wetter and much shorter days of the coming autumn into winter. It's a good time to get everything else ready too.
Order up the autumn planting onions,shallots and garlic. Get the broad beans in and the fruit canes.
Clear the debris from the summer crops and prepare the beds for winter rest or autumn use.
Clean then pack away the canes and other growing supports ready for next year. A little care spent now will pay dividends when you get them out next spring.
Sown any biennial flower seeds for transplanting out later. Check you have enough hiding places for beneficial insects, hedgehogs and reptile pest controllers. Mulch any unused beds with either compost for heavy feeders or just a straw covering for root crop beds.
Protect any tender perennials and transfer any potted tender plants to a cold frame or unheated glasshouse.
Finally, if you really can't get out on the soil, be sure to have a few good gardening books, a few seed and plant catalogues and a good hot drink handy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to concentrate on the good hot drink part of that advice