Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Real start!

This is a recent view of my plot.Still a good layer of grass about but it's going slowly. I've divided it into beds to reduce ground compaction and the amount of digging needed. I don't use strictly organic means but do where and when it's sensible and possible to. I eat this stuff and feed my family and friends so I want to be sure I know whats going on and into the crops. I'll give you sizes another time, but for a rough guide, the small shed at the end is 6' x 4'.
I'll not bore with a list of crops yet but may list them elsewhere on here as a reference. Needless to say in these modern times, I grow more than I can eat, more than my children like and a lot of what is termed as weird looking by them and others! But I grow for the fun and satisfaction of it, not for the profit or logic of it. It could be time consuming but I can make as much or as little time as I feel I want to spend there. There may be differing results because of that but I want to enjoy it , not be a slave to it's demands. As I said, I grow more than is essential and therefore wont starve if something fails, just disappointed.
I try to get down to the plot at least once a week in the colder season and daily in the height of summer. It's easier when the days are longer to spend a few hours juts watering and losing track of time. It's a blissful waste of a summer's evening to be honest! Oh I can hardly wait now for the crisp crunch of a fresh lettuce or the bite of a radish pulled out of the ground and rinsed off there on the site. Lovely days just around the corner now as I sowed a row of French breakfast last week and the seedlings are poking through already!

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