Sunday, 1 April 2007

(Not so)Special offer

Had the latest flyer from F*cus yet?
Its great. It has a lovely range of bedding plants and if you go visit the store you'll find...Pansies or Primulas.
They showed in the flyer , a nice solar powered light curtain(lights on a string arrangement) , something my wife liked for the garden and being solar, something we approve of. They have a nice solar lights section at the store, but none of the ones advertised. No fence post top lantern, no curtain lights. Well, its spring, time for some seeds and shrubs and they always have a huge wooden rack with seeds on, full right through the winter months, tempting us to sow out of season. The colourful packs and low prices lure the unsuspecting during December and January, hinting at things to come through February and March. So we decided to look for the rack while we were there not buying lights or bedding.
Oh the rack was there alright. Shame the seeds weren't. They had a few collection packs, Salad or Mixed Border but no individual packs. I have to wonder where they disposed of the several hundred packs of Lettuce, Onion, Carrot etc.
So shrubs. Let's see now..Shrub Roses, Willow Standards, Dead Herbs, more Pansies. No. Nothing vaguely resembling a healthy interesting shrub.
Its at times like these I'm glad I took out a store card.....
P.S. Someone bought us a nice Solar Powered Shed light to use as a Porch light at home. Does a very good job, environment and wallet friendly. I can see it would work very well as a shed light but not sure the local residents want us all traipsing in and out through the squeaky gate after dark!
I'll endeavour to find out where it is sold for those interested.

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