Sunday, 17 June 2007

Father's Day

How did yours go? Well, mine was great! Got a new addition to the clan, a Grape vine! White, I will check the name next time I'm there but I do recall it is used in Marsala wine!

My , now very much adult, children bought it for me. Eldest boy took me and it and a few things to the plot in his car(told you they were grown!), he was pleasantly surprised at the site. We took the car to the plot and emptied out my goodies before turning and returning home. He actually said he'd wanted to see the plot anyway! So despite the lacquered hair and the girlfriend, he may well turn into a gardener yet.

Apparently,girlfriend's mum is a gardener too, she sent me some sweetcorn plants(Thanks!) so she may be having an influence too.

Put some grit,coarse, into my clay soil to open it up for the grape as they like a well drained soil. I've seen grapevines in real vineyards growing in what seems to be pure flint!

Most of the old onions now dried, despite the rain and some plaited and hung up at home.

Did the french seller

Onions are something I know we'll use on a regular basis so I'm glad they are growing well, even though most go to seed early!

The spring plantings are almost ready now so I'll just ease them up with the fork and let them stop.

landmark time, I had to pinch out the first runner bean to the top of the sticks today! Good sign.

Had a good day today, well, couple of hours. Listening to 'I'm sorry I haven't a clue' on my radio, planting out lettuces, watering in vine, digging potatoes and pulling first carrots.

Picked a good crop of gooseberries, only the thinnings but still a tart full! Can't overstate the crop I'm getting from just one bush. Amazing, but my black gooseberry didn't last, died or just didn't take. Who knows what the crop there might have come to?

The tomatoes, outdoors, are going away like little sprinters so i need to tie them in, the peas are starting to fill the pods and the currants are colouring up.

The oddest sweet william appeared today or rather, I saw it first today. White but with all pink flowers on the same head.

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