Saturday, 23 August 2008

Going around

They say things go round in cycles.
What goes around comes around and if you stand and wait long enough, flares will be fashionable again.
Well, I don't know who ' they ' are or why they like cycling in flares, considering the risks of chain and denim incidents, but it would appear to be correct. We are entering that phase when gardening, more accurately growing your own food, is going to become popular again. Not just popular, but an essential part of housekeeping. Our forefathers saw keeping a supply of fresh produce on the table as important as secure doors and windows or a clean shirt for work.
With the impending recession becoming more and more unavoidable , those who shun the soil for the supermarket will be seen as wasteful and foolish. The old dig for victory type of government leaflets , albeit updated and available on cd and download, will resurface.
Garden programmes have always been popular but the swing from decorative flowers to filling vegetables is becoming more evident. Sections featuring alloments have become regular items instead of one off specials.
Flowers still make up a major,if not the major part of a garden wishlist,second only to a lawn for the children to play on, but more and more home buyers are looking at somewhere to grow food too. Sadly the terrible blight of garden grabbing is creeping across the country,buying up the spare patch of land that could be a veg plot,small orchard or play area and building a two up two down with no garden instead. More and more of these back garden estates are popping up. Hopefully, the decline in the housing market will bring a slow down in this horrendous practice too. It's already an accepted fact that a well presented garden can add an extra five percent to the selling price of a house. Maybe soon we will see 'well kept vegetable and fruit plot' added to the agents description!

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