Sunday, 12 October 2008

Arthur's/Trigger's shed.

The tale of Arthur’s shed
(Or Trigger’s broom part 2)
There is a feeling in the air, a sense of something good developing, growing and spreading on the site and I don’t just mean Ted’s compost heap mountain. For a while, since the improvements in site security, (can there be improvement to something that wasn’t there before?)There has been a steady growth in wooden cladding. Not house cladding or shed cladding but real wood; ok pallets are real wood, on compost bins. Sheds are being fixed, lean to shelters constructed and such activity.
Now, Iknow one lady who has been a site plot holder for longer than either of us care to remember was asking a few days ago if I knew of anyone looking to dispose of a shed. Any size or condition would suffice, she just needed a shed as winter would be upon us soon and she needed to keep things on site rather than carry them to and from the plot every visit. I thought long and hard, well, maybe short and hard as I was on my way to my plot carrying too much, and I couldn’t think of anyone so suggested she look on freecycle.
Nothing more happened on the subject until my next trip to Clarkes Field. I was busy burying weeds and my thoughts when I was rudely disturbed from my day dream by a heavy thumping some distance away. I staggered to my feet, having spent too long on my knees as usual, and looked up to discover one of my fellow soil worriers belting hell out of the side of a shed, a shed now on the lady’s plot. There was a shed where there once wasn’t, put there kindly by a couple of the other gardeners.
It later transpired that the said shed was one of the oldest on the site, having been signposted for demolition and disposal by Arthur recently but saved by the salvaging couple. As I was visiting at the weekend, the new proud owner was coating it in a nice inoffensive shade of illusive green and the builder was proudly watching on. As we discussed the new unit he explained the history of the building.
Apparently, it had been Arthur’s, but it had been passed from plot to plot, owner to owner having incurred several repairs and no doubt total rebuilds for many years. As the charitable chap put it, he only needed to fix a new roof and some new side panel plus a door and it was perfectly useable again...
Trigger’s fabled everlasting broom sprung to mind. Since all this eternal shed ever needed was one part or another replacing, it too may well become as famous in time.

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