Friday, 27 August 2010

Rain doesn't stop play

Well, didn't we have a little storm?
It seemed to rain forever this week. I last managed to spend any time at the plot on Sunday but when I was there I weeded all the beds, tied in the triffid like Tayberry and the Greek tomatoes before cutting some cabbages (Greyhound) for home. Despite looking like one of those 3D puzzle blocks where the slugs had made random tunnels, they turned out to be good, hearty solid heads which made a very useful contribution to our evening meal on Monday.
The carrot seedlings from the recent sowing are becoming slug/bug food disappointingly. The Mooli and Scarlet Globe Radish seedlings are still surviving though ,which encourages me. I'm like a lot of others who text,tweet and message me on Facebook, in that I am getting very impatient with the tomatoes. They are bulging to almost bursting full of flavour but they are still greener than a Welsh Organic Literary Festival. The major problem is that all the rain is not only swelling the fruits, filling the cells in the fruit walls with liquid and bloating the stem, but it is making the climb up that engorged stem much easier for the hungry slugs. One of my largest fruits was found hollowed out today.
Today also presented the wheelbarrow I had left in a rush playing at being a mobile swimming pool. Luckily the wood I had been using to built another raised bed with was pretty much solid and will dry out in time to be put to other clever construction purposes in the future, although the plans for a good dry wood store are very prominent now.
On that subject, dry and storing, my brother in law dropped a new roll of roofing felt in today so I am now off to redress the roof of the little blue shed where I keep everything including my radio, which needs new batteries. Oh some days the costs are endless but at least the pleasure is too!

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"greener than a Welsh Organic Literary Festival"

love that line