Sunday, 7 November 2010

Review time!

It is nearing the time of year when all the television shows and magazines are putting their Christmas special editions to bed, so, not one to buck a trend (ahem!) I decided to have a look back over my year with you and the plot.

Let's not get specific but the early part of the season, rather than the year, started with my beans and peas, sown the previous autumn. The ground was a little late warming up due to a heavy layer of snow, which became flooding later, so the start was delayed for most growers, including the normally warmer south.
We started by looking at how the seed houses have to give generalised guidelines on sowing/planting/harvesting times due to the changing season weather. The coloured bars don't allow for seasonal variations or localised climate differences. A better system would include soil temperatures and daylight length but would isolate the beginner.
Later, when the weather had returned to it's spring normality,I risked a few sowings, only to find the cold came back and froze them into the soil. Luckily, the early varieties are chosen for hardiness and the cabbages and early peas survived to provide  a good series of crops over the coming months, the cabbages are still providing some fodder now, ten months later.
I met up with a fellow plotter, a friend from a college course years ago, who showed me her shed and plot.
The visit reminded me of my love for sheds, a love shared by, amongst many others, famous tv property expert and baby breeder, Sarah Beeny. She has been so enthused by the little boxes that she now judges the growing 'Shed of The Year' competition.

As the season rolled onwards, I ranted slightly about varying subjects. It's all those dark evening you see. Too much time thinking instead of digging! It was good to get a little more education across though, if somewhat loosely. Sometimes it's easier to show than explain things. The limits of a blog maybe. I hope to soon be able to add video clips to my blog for that reason, but won't until I can provide content of interest rather than five minutes of a hoe in various soil conditions (as my attempts have been so far!)
The year has been interspersed with picture blogs, when the mood took me and when the subject caught me. My trip to Hestercombe last month made it very simple and proved that sometimes the pictures say enough.
Throughout the year I have endeavoured to advise as much as possible, helping the beginners and the enthusiastic untrained with tips, from which basic tools to how to water safely and economically.

All in all, I have enjoyed what I have contributed and also what others have added, either as comment or as guest recipes, and I sincerely hope you have too, and will continue to follow as I head into another year on My Little Plot.
If you want, drop a line to me here :
If you are local, come visit me. The map on here will direct you, or email me for more information. Just give me tip that you are coming as I can't predict my own visits!
Meanwhile, please continue to comment, good or bad as long as it is honest and constructive, and keep reading!

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