Sunday, 2 January 2011

Looking Back, Staring Forward.

I almost did the unmentionable yesterday, that is to say I had the calendar for 2010 in my hand and was about to tear it up to add to the compost heap. I suddenly recoiled and retreated, remembering just why I had started out adding scribbled notes to the dates.
I had intended to use the calendar as a record of my sowings and plantings, recording the harvest times, the quantities and more. As it was, the sections for each day were too small to list enough as I generally did plenty on some visits and little when the soil or the time was against me.
I have resigned myself to using the beautifully made journal my sister gave me for Christmas 2009 after resisting for over a year now. Each page is so wonderfully designed and perfect for the gardener and the various sections allow for my rambling,random entries so I will have to deface the perfection with my own writing this year.
As for the smatterings of information on the calendar? I will start to compile a report on the last twelve months although to be honest, at first glance it starts in March and the snow put an end to things pretty much in late November so it will be a 9 month compilation at best.
Stay tuned.

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