Monday, 1 August 2011

Taking Notes And Making Changes

It's been a lovely summer so far, with some rain to disappoint the sun lovers but keep the ground moist but mainly a good few dry,hot days.The fruit has been early and abundant this season and the veg has handled all that nature can throw at it with aplomb.
We can all enjoy the pleasures that are ours to reap this season but what about the next one?
What of next year?
I have written about my plantings, sowings and harvests here but in order to make sure I'm not going to be repeating reports of repeated mistakes or failures I have also been keeping a small notebook hanging in my shed at the plot to record my actions as and when I visit the plot. Only scribbled short notes, abbreviated comments and lists of seed names it may be but it has a few points of reference that'll help for next year:
The Date of each visit.
The names of varieties sown/planted.
The treatments given/action taken.
The Date of any harvesting and rough estimates of quantities/sizes.
These points mean I can avoid making mistakes twice, I can know which plants and seeds do better than others, how early some things can be started and when to expect a return on your hard work. By recording the progress, or lack of it, of new subjects, you can build up a large list of things that will provide good results time and time again and what works best where and after which crops.
This year, as always, I am trying new things.
It's a habit I can't give up.
I promise I will stick to what I already grow every year but I never manage to keep my resolution.
This year, being no exception, I am growing Sweet Potato, Winter Radish, Italian Radish and Brussels Sprouts.
I'll let you know how it goes...
What are you trying for the first time?

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