Monday, 19 March 2007

Well, as predicted, weather is giving us one more reminder that March, and winter, isn't over yet!
Didn't visit the plot this weekend as the driving wind was only worsened by the sudden and heavy showers.Some Pyrethrums I am raising from seed were being hardened off out side at home but they went back under cover in the smaller greenhouse until the temperature returns to something more like it was.Fortunately all the veg growing on the plot at the moment is hardy and should happily cope with the drop. Maybe the radish I sowed two weeks ago will be sacrificed but radish can compete with weeds for speed and survival so Im not unduely concerned. The autumn planted onion sets are tough enough and big enough now to put up with much rougher conditions as are the brocolli plants. The fruit canes are long term plantings and are generally bred in the scottish highlands so will feel cosseted and warm by comparison!All this meant I could spend time with my wife on Mother's day and fit in a visit to my parents too.As they say(rarely now) it's an ill wind that blows no good.

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