Saturday, 28 April 2007


Its official.Weeds like everything the veg and fruit likes but they use it more efficiently. All the fruits are growing well,the flowers on the Apple are in full bloom now and look gorgeous.They hint at the fruits to come, around October -November.The strawberries are still producing flowers, these I will leave to become fruit now the season has begun.The Blackberry(Black Butte) has started producing flower buds.That's going to be a real torture, waiting for the fruits on what claims to have the largest in general production. The currants are also flowering, as is the gooseberry.The flowers here are quite non descript compared to all the previous fruits but still very welcome. Unfortunately, the black gooseberry has failed to show any life and will be grubbed out.Rhubarb has good but short scarlet stems on it. Might wait and see if they get any longer.
Veg wise, the peas are through and showing some growth, but also showing signs of pest damage already.Little precise holes in the leaves. I'm loathe to spray or treat them as the holes are minor and don't seem to effect the growth. Again , one to watch.
Carrots, random germination but at least there's something there.My one lonesome asparagus shoot is being left to become a fern so it gets plenty of time to establish. I just hope it isn't lonely for long!
The sprouting is over now and I've pulled up all the plants. They were a success in that they gave and gave all through the quiet times. The cauli's I planted at the same time are now producing smallish heads and I cut my first cauli for several years, if not decades last night. About the size of a cricket ball, it's just right for an individual cauliflower cheese. Mm mm, my mouths watering already!Cheese sauce, crispy bacon, dollop of ketchup...
OK, back to the plot! Early spuds have been earthed lightly, spinach (the mystery crop) is already sending up seed spikes. It really really doesn't like any warmth! The chard is still giving its all. I may need to add some to the compost heap just to keep it from going to seed. I'm disinclined to just chuck it all as I know it will keep going forever if i keep cutting it and's a free meal!
Onions sown/planted early in autumn last year are about ping pong ball size now.The later plantings are coming along well too. I can look forward to a succession of table onions right through the year now. As for those who seem to be following my shallot story, they are doing very well too!
The canes are up for the beans, two rows of eleven.Why eleven? Because that's how they ended up!Spaced about a foot apart, they fit my bed at that amount.Nothing complicated.
The beans themselves are standing strong and dark green. Almost equal amounts of each tray now so the experiment kinda works. I'll plant the home saved and shop bought separately and see if the crop is any different.
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