Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Cauli anyone?

Been to the plot tonight.Yes, I said tonight.As I didn't arrive before 7 pm that's an evening session to me.Well, noticed the beans needed planting out.OK, they didn't need it but I am itching to move on to part two of my experiment so planted out the saved seed beans. Strimmed more grass/weeds. I'm trying to keep some cover on the paths by just mowing back the weeds and grass. I'll start taking my mower down soon as I'm beginning to see the weeds from my last visit coming back up!

I can only strim so much at a time as its a rechargeable and the charge doesn't last longer than an hour. The line is lasting incredibly well though.

Had a couple of mini cauliflower heads last week but tonight I cut all but two of the remaining as they were almost going over. Cauliflower cheese and cauliflower everything for the next week I think!

Oh and I won't mention the well meaning relative who tried to do some weeding whilst looking over the plot. I mean, asparagus looks like a weed really, doesn't it?
Meanwhile, I see there has been an AGM and various committee positions deligated.I say delegated rather than chosen or won because I remember being a committee member once many years ago( we didn't write on slate, no..)
and the usual suspects did everything then for the masses of ungrateful but beligerent members. I will say this one thing and no more.If you want something doing, do it yourself because complaining about something and not volunteering to help put it right is pointless. If you want to change things, sign up to the committee and I'm sure they'll welcome you with open arms. Until then, the same small army of the unseen and unheard will continue to do all the hrd work in their own time and for free for the rest of us, without a word of thanks.
I'll put it here.
Thank you all.
As promised, what I sowed next:
Marrows(saved seed)
French bean(saved and bought)
Butternut squash
All in cells(from trading hut ).
Sown on Sunday, I already have french beans breaking through, all trays being kept in my mini greenhouse at home.

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