Monday, 7 May 2007


I found myself slightly wealthier this weekend so I decided to pop to the hut and see what I could spend my recent windfall on.Ok,it was only a tenner but it meant a burning sensation in my pocket which I needed to douse.
Fortunately, the range of seeds available in the hut was up on the usual fare and I picked up three packets of Cauliflower seeds,one of purple sprouting and one of lettuce.
I managed to get some change from all this and pick up a pack of labels too.!
Who said there's no bargains about?
Cliff advised me on the third of my Cauli choices.It seems our site rep grew the 75 day Candid Charm before and rates it highly ,so on his recommendation and Cliff's, I took a pack and later sowed them alongside a row of the Broccolli Purple Sprouting Early and one of All year round Cauli. I slipped a row of All Year Round Lettuce in there too so I have something to thin out and plant out later.
A row of radish French breakfast 3 finished the set.
The fruits are all flowering well but the early warmth and growth worries some of us. I was only talking to one of the plotholders on saturday morning, during my early trip to the plot on route to work,about this, how there is stil a great risk of late frosts which could knock everything back a good month.
It's worth having a stockpile of fleece handy in your shed just to be sure.
I had the joy of starting my pumpkin/squash trench on sunday. I say joy because at least 6 months of being covered with black plastic has left the soil weedfree and very soft and friable. It was so soft and such a pleasure to dig, I had finished a trench one spade wide and 12 feet long in under 3 minutes!I think i could have dug it just as quickly with my bare hands.The soil was , as i said, very soft and rich, warmed but not dried by the wind. I filled my trench with compost materials and backfilled before recovering it. My squash seeds are all through at home and starting to produce second leaves so it won't be long before I can plant through the plastic and sink a watering pipe at each station.
My saved french bean seeds are also showing great potential as are the home saved marrow seeds. I heard on a radio show that squash seed doesn't naturally come true if saved ,so I'd be interested to hear if any keen monster growers have done so with regular improvements in size , as all the tips I read and hear from competition growers points to the success of selection and saving of prizewinner seeds.
I may have misheard but the person, so called expert, stated that squash seed of any type may be cross pollinated and produce inedible hybrid gourd type offspring!
Ah well, the nights are growing lighter which means we can all spend more time at the plots, but I'd recommend wearing a watch, preferably one with an alarm , as the reports of members being given short shrift after strolling home late ,oblivious to the fact that the quick hour down the plot has turned into a bit nearer 3 or 4 hours is bound to grow!
I take my mobile phone as it has a camera and a radio but admit, I don't always look at the clock....
All for now, more soon!

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